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Life with Diabetes

Diabetes and Crohn’s Disease | An Overview

We talk about invisible illness all the time. Looking at a recent trip to the pharmacy, the pile of medications is...

Drawing a Short Straw in Life: Fighting Back against Chronic Disease

We all have a short straw in life or at least something we consider our short straw. You know, an aspect in...

Guest Post | What is Carbohydrate?

Evidence Based Health Care: Before I enter contentious territory I think it's important to state my position on modern western medicine. I am under the...

Guest Post | One chronic disease isn’t enough? A review of Crohn’s Disease and Diabetes

Mark has kindly invited me to contribute to this forum. I see this as an opportunity to research all the issues associated with Crohns...

Exploring the differences between Type 1 vs Type 2 Diabetes

Typical medications of a diabetic. Psst - I also have Crohn's disease so don't get too scared.

Mark is a foodie in training, photographer, Starbucks addict, runner, cyclist, and single parent living outside of Toronto, Ontario. Living with Crohn’s Disease and Diabetes, life for this Transportation Planner and RPP can be an interesting mix.