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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Guest Post Guidelines

Making You Think is a website for anyone who has a passion for writing. We are looking for reader contributions to the blog. Historically our blog has focused on health and wellness (Crohn’s disease and diabetes), running and cycling. However, our roots run deep into technologies influences in society. Making you think is a doorway to making society stop and think, ponder what they know, they understand, and what is new. Don’t let our existing selection of articles limit how you will make our reader think.

Do you have the passion to be a guest writer for MakingYouThink.ca?

What kind of writing do we want?

Making You Think is looking for guest writers on the following blog topics:

  • ideas and resources for people who want to start being active
  • personal stories of your life journey, how you worked through struggles, ups and downs, and road blocks.
  • product reviews – product reviews on fitness products and apps, health and wellness, running and cycling technology.
  • hints and tips on starting your journey. How did you overcome your struggles, how to start an exercise route, from couch to X manuals.

Minimum length is 350 words and we prefer that you supply one or more free images that can be used with your post. If I choose to publish your post, you can search on Pexels.com or Unsplash.com for something that fits your topic.

Here is a list of past articles that we’ve published on a MakingYouThink.ca, so you can get some idea of what we like, but also topics that have already been covered.

What do we pay:

– Up to $75 Canadian – details in follow-up email. Paid guest posts are limited to individual content. Branded, marketing or SOE related post are still considered, however, are not monetarily compensated. 

How to Make It Happen:

Lets work together with your partner content. Contact us with a Subject of ‘Reader Contribution – Guest Post’ and tell me what you’d like to write about and any writing samples you can provide. I’ll let you know if there is a current opening for your writing. Minor editing will be done on accepted articles.  You are allowed an ‘About the Author’ section which can contain up to two links and can be up to 10% as long as the article you wrote.

Thanks, Mark