FreeStyle Libre Adhesion Guide for Canada and United States

Read the Official Abbott Adhesion Guide at

IMG: Abbott Freestyle Libre Adhesion Guide
Sample of the FreeStyle Libre Sensor Adhesion guide. View the guide at

Everyone’s skin is different, as a result, keeping your FreeStyle Libre from falling off can be a challenge for some diabetics. Abbott has released an official FreeStyle Libre Adhesion guide with tips and tricks to help keep your Libre sensor safe and secure to your arm for up to the 14-day life of the glucose sensor.

For more HINTS AND TIPS read our post on How to Help Stop Your FreeStyle Libre Sensor From Falling Off and our Questions and Answers about using the FreeStyle Libre Glucose System for your diabetes glucose control.

Making You Think has sponsored the delivery of this important guide to our diabetic community. Please consider clicking on one of our advertising links to help cover the cost of hosting this important content or donate here.

The Guide covers topics such as:

  • Showering and Bathing
  • Bumping into Objects
  • Getting Dressed
  • How to properly prepare your skin
  • Products to assist in adhesion
  • Products to help you remove the sensor

Click this link to download a PDF version of the Freestyle Adhesion Guide.

Looking for Additional Tips to Keep Your Freestyle Libre Lasting 14 Days?

What tips do you use to keep your Freestyle Libre CGM from falling or being knocked off before the 14-day expiry of the Continuous Glucose Monitor?

Leave a comment below and share your tips. For more HINTS AND TIPS read our post on How to Help Stop Your FreeStyle Libre Sensor From Falling Off and our Questions and Answers about the FreeStyle Libre Glucose System.

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  1. still having trouble keeping sensor on my husband. Has stayed on the full 14 days only 4-5 times in past 8 mo. Using medical grade adhesive spray, tape etc without helping – rarely lasts more than 9 days. Abbott has replaced 7 of them but it gets expensive buying new ones. I am buying Tegoderm next and hoping for the best.

    • Hi there! What seems to be the trouble with tape doing the trick? Truthfully, I have yet to find any tale that will last the full 14 days.

      A few things to try: Similar to the sensor, clean the area well before using any tape or adhesive, I usually put a small piece of gauze between my sensor and the tape to help changing the tap and not disturb my Libre. When changing the tape. Be cautious. I have even put tspnover tape to help at times.

      My last sensor had me worried. It was 1/2 off at day 7. However, my tape held it in place for last 7 days and no loss with good readings.

      My biggest hint is always – check your sensor daily as yes, one loose edge it’s easy to pull or knock it off.


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