Our Running, Cycling and Hiking Amazon Store

Welcome to my Amazon Store. Here I provide links to my favourite running, cycling, hiking, and health-related equipment recommended by a runner for runners.

Despite my two chronic illnesses, diabetes and Crohn’s disease, I am an avid road and trail runner and cyclist. Check out my must-have running and cycling equipment from Garmin, Nathan and others, and the great pricing by Amazon. I am required to remind everyone that Amazon pays me a small percentage of all sales.

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Use the search box below to search for the millions of running and cycling items available through Amazon. Check out the sections of the online store below on Running, Diabetes (FreeStyle Libre and Dexcom G6), and more or use the search box to find anything in the Amazon universe.


Check out our dedicated Diabetes and Freestyle Libre Amazon Store for all of your diabetes care and accessories for the FreeStyle Libre. Visit our FreeStyle Libre and Dexcom G6 stores for all your diabetic supplies, cases, stickers, and patches to secure your sensors.


Running Watches and Accessories

  • Garmin HRM-Run / HRM-Premium Heart Rate Monitor – Replacement Strap. A great addition to the running bag for the absent minded runner or if heart rate monitor strap is no longer comfortable.
  • Garmin ForeRunner – A selection of Garmin GPS Running watches with wrist-based Heart Rate, Music, NFC Purchases, Colour display. All the features a beginner or seasoned runner will need. The optical HR monitor saves you needing to wear a chest strap during your HR training sessions.

    If you are going to start training seriously for a race or longer distances, a running watch is a new necessity.  Pace, heart rate, and running dynamics are key to successful training experience. 

  • Garmin Fenix – Premium Multisport GPS Watch for Fitness, Adventure and Style. My dream running watch to replace my Garmin Forerunner 920XT.
  • Garmin Foot Pod – Monitor your distance and cadence when indoors, such as on a treadmill or a track at the gym, or when out of GPS range with your wrist-worn device and this foot pod. This little guy never leaves my shoe – indoors or outdoors, combined with my HRM-Run heart rate monitor I have all my running dynamics for both indoor (treadmill) and outdoor runs.
  • Road ID – The essential emergency / contact bracelet.  My RoadID is my comfort blanket against the what if. Never had to use it however, good to know that my chronic illnesses, contract information, and who I am is easily accessible to anyone that may need it. Much like water running or my helmet riding – I would never go for a run or a ride without it; even just a quick 5KM around the block.

Running and Cycling Hydration

  • Nathan VaporAir Hydration Pack – a versatile hydration back for road, trail and cycling. Available in multiple sizes for a great fit. Super breathable, my go-to hydration pack for distance running or a trail race. Loads of pockets for my mobile phone, keys, and gels.
  • Endurance Tap – Natural Energy Gel – Salted Maple.  My new favourite energy Gel.  Three simple ingredients (Maple, Sea Salt, Ginger).  NUTRITION: Each packet contains 100 calories, 50mg of Sodium, 85mg of Potassium, 25g of Carbohydrates, and 23g of sugar

Trail and Road Race Day Essentials