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The Diabetes App: New Desktop Version and Updated Application for 2021

Be sure to check out the new The Diabetes App (TDA). Congratulations to the TDA team on a one-year anniversary and the release of their new desktop and update to their ios and Android application that connects the diabetes community from around the globe. The Diabetes App is a free social networking app dedicated to educating and empowering the diabetic community.

*this new version of the app has since been recalled, users are currently connecting with The Diabetes community on The Diabetes App*

The TDA Developers

The TDA launched just over a year ago in Toronto, Canada, in June 2020. In this time, the Diabetes App has gained over 10,000 users, forming a community of resilience, awareness, and empowerment for diabetics across the globe. When launched, The Diabetes App was created as a mobile application. It was a hybrid between a social media platform and a source for information and resources. This app and website designed for diabetics and their caregivers included:

  • Diabetic friendly meal plans and recipes
  • Live streams
  • Community groups for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics
  • Access to professionals
  • and more.

This week marks new advancements being made in the company, as The Diabetes App has officially launched its new application version as well as its desktop version.

This new desktop version brings new advancements. It has all the same features as the current mobile version, including resources such as recipes and articles, as well as an advanced news feed, messaging system, and profile pages, but this desktop version also allows for an increased user experience, as it provides the ease of accessing the application on the web. The bigger screen may be advantageous to users of all abilities, as mobile phones can be too small or difficult for some to use.

The sole intent of The Diabetes App has always been to provide the diabetes community with a place to connect and grow. With the introduction of this new desktop version, TDA firmly believes that this will enhance its goals and allow the community to foster more strength than ever before as users have more accessibility to their diabuddies and resources.

New updates include a head-to-toe application makeover and a sleek new look. The
application is a proprietary app, meaning it has been made in-house by TDA’s very own team.
With a team of fewer than 25 people, it motivates TDA to work as hard as possible. TDA wants
users to know that everything they do, they do for them! TDA is always working for the
betterment of the diabetes community and to raise awareness for those who have diabetes.
That is why it has implemented dual live streams, which allows for multiple hosts at once, a new home-feed landing page that is algorithmic-based (allowing for personal alterations
based on what they want to see, such as fitness, mental health, or diet based posts), and
updated its messaging system so users can access their professionals with even more ease
than before.

Despite all of these exciting changes, the mission of The Diabetes App stays the
same: to serve the diabetes community. 2020 marked a year of growth, and TDA firmly
believes that 2021 is going to mark a year of empowerment, and big changes for the
community. TDA could not be more proud to share the updates to come with its users.

The application is available for free on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Join the community, keep the conversation going, and let’s stay connected because Together We’re Stronger! If users have any questions regarding the new application and the transition, we encourage them to check out our social media, @thediabetesapp, for more information, and feel free to shoot us a Direct Message, as the team is responding to any questions users have.

Through support, mutual understanding, and empathy, TDA’s motive has always been to believe that Together, We’re Stronger. This new launch and a new chapter for The Diabetes App encapsulates this.

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