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Photo Challenge: Symmetry in Nature

The Birth of a New Day

The topic of this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is Symmetry. As I look around my desk, the elements of symmetry are profound, something as simple as the game controller in its shape, and distance between controllers, the two matching desks in each corner of the room, to architecture that surrounds my neighbourhood. However, can nature by symmetrical?

The lighting in the following picture is not the best (I am looking forward to seeing how my f/2.8 will compare when I have a chance). However, I love the calm of the water and a nice capture for this weeks challenge.

Morning Sunrise

Morning sunrise on Little Hawk Lake, Ontario, Canada

The same morning as a time-lapse video on my iPhone 6.

Time-lapse video of a morning sunrise on Little Hawk Lake, Ontario, Canada

Here was my runners up ….

Fall Drive


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