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Photo Challenge: And Then there were Shovels

For this week’s challenge, share a photo of a landscape: a wide establishing shot of a scene in nature or an urban setting. —WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Rural vs Urban
North end of Queensville, Ontario, Canada

I live in an area that has matured from a lakeside cottage community to a small town.  I remember when the first stoplight installed in town was a big issue, not to mention McDonalds and Walmart, or when there were more seasonal residents on the street then permanent homes.  From intensification to Greenfield Development, the Greater Toronto Area is a destination for people around the globe to immigrate to, and call the area home.

The picture above was taken just at the fringe of a new growth area, what is now a farmers field, will slowly become a new community.  What better picture to capture for this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge on “Landscapes”, as a reminder of what was and what is to come.

Here are a few more from the series:

Glimpse of a Perfect Day (sunrise)

Urban vs Rural


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