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Photo Challenge: How Does Water Impact our Lives?

It is amazing what captures a Childs imagination.
It is amazing what captures a child’s imagination.

Today’s Photo Challenge from Photo 101 : A picture a Day is water.

How does water impact our lives, and how can your sense impact the story you want to tell.  Trying to capture this little guy standing still is always a challenge, however, I was able to grab a few clicks before he lost interest and moved down the beach.  How did a landscape picture work compared to a traditional portrait orientation?  Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to make it to the lake before the sun started to set (who wants another sunset photo, however, captured these not too long ago that I thought were fitting.

How do we capture the entire scene?

What is the most important element in the picture; the foreground driftwood, the child playing, the forested vista?  The character of the landscape is lost in the landscape orientation, and no true focal point.  A portrait orientation provides depth and character.

What are your thoughts?  How would you have composed the photo.

Playing in the Water
How to capture the entire scene, what is most important?


  1. Hi Mark
    The main picture is very nice, good color and good use of depth of field.
    By focusing on the driftwood all other details become less important. That means if you want to have the child as the main subject the focus should be on him/her and the wood becomes just a foreground out of focus. You always ask yourself what is what I want to show, what is the main subject. In most cases your subject should be in focus.
    As far as the composition goes, I like the cropped one the most. If the focus is on the child that would be a great rude of third however the branches are a little distracting.
    Less is more so capturing the whole scene does not make sense in this case.
    Hope this helps.

    • Thanks for the comments – they are really appreciated. I am going to have to go back and find a few photos from the series and figure out what composition catches my eye. My goal originally was the drift wood, and then my son walked into the field of few. As you noted, is this a chance to quickly change my field of focus or do I try to blend the scene. However, as you noted, does this result in a busy picture without focus, which I had not previously considered.

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