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Photo Challenge: What does Home Mean to Me …

Home is Where the Heart Is.  Taking a look through The Commons, it looks like an incredible group of Bloggers and Photographers all set to jump into Photography 101. I am sincerely looking forward to learning what the 101 class has to offer and even more, what I can learn and be inspired by, from the work of everyone in the class.


Our first assignment, What does Home Mean to Me, had me thinking.  Does home mean the lake that is a few hundred steps from the house and the brilliant sunsets we enjoy both near and far each night, does home mean the roof over my head or the tree fort in the yard?  However, what I quickly narrowed in on is that at a blink of an eye, any of those can change.  The sunset will always be there, but what happens if we move and not a 30-second walk to the dock, what happens if a storm knocks over a tree that the fort surrounds or an accident destroys the house.  In truth, you could say each and every one of these replies is superficial at best.


To me, home, is anywhere I can appreciate my two amazing boys.  As a unit, we will survive any hiccups in life, as a family, we will make anywhere home.  Is this a cough up of an answer, possibly, however, as I return to the keyboard after checking in on them sleeping away the night, I truthfully would not want to include anything else.


    • Hi Paula and thank you. It is always a challenge, do we answer the question figuratively or literally. I suppose I always go with the first. I can’t wait to see what the instructors have in store for us for day 2.

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