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Diabetes Non-Profit here to support Canadians

Beyond Type 2 comes to Canada


SAN MATEO, Calif., Sept. 20, 2023 /CNW/ –

Diabetes nonprofit, Beyond Type 1, is excited to announce their expansion into Canada with the launch of a new website and local community under the organization’s Beyond Type 2 platform, which serves those living with type 2 diabetes. The creation of this online network was in response to an already established and growing Canadian audience with demands for local content and resources related to type 2 diabetes.

As the editor of Making you Think, this is exciting news for me as a Type 2 diabetic as it brings an industry recognized community to Canadian diabetics. I have been partnering with both Lilly Canada as well as Beyond Type 2 for several years to tell my diabetes story and believe this will be an incredible resource to both type 1 and d type 2 diabetics here at home.

Through the support of Lilly Canada as a founding partner, Canadians can engage on the organization’s localized digital platforms in French and English to share their stories, get connected to the community and find critical resources on topics from daily diabetes management and the importance of early glycemic control, to weight management in type 2 diabetes to mental health.

“We have such strong representation from Canadians living with type 2 diabetes, all of whom have incredible voices and stories to share, so with a growing audience, it seemed only fitting for Canada to receive something unique,” says Deborah Dugan, CEO of Beyond Type 1. “I’m proud of the resources and community we’ve built thus far, and I’m thrilled to share it with others around the globe. It will take everybody worldwide and the power of our combined voices to truly redefine what it means to be a person living with type 2 diabetes.”

A type 2 diabetes diagnosis often carries with it shame and stigma, inhibiting people from finding the best support and care available. Beyond Type 2 aims to educate, empower and connect all people living with type 2 diabetes so that they can live beyond their diagnosis.

“Lilly is proud of our partnership to expand Beyond Type 2 in so many countries around the world, and we’re thrilled to be founding partners of the Canadian network,” says Kenneth Custer, General Manager, Lilly Canada. “As Lilly Canada celebrates our 85thanniversary as an affiliate this year, we are so pleased to welcome Beyond Type 2 to Canada and we look forward to meaningful collaborations that improve the lives of people with type 2 diabetes.”

Since Beyond Type 2 launched in 2019, its English and Spanish web and social platforms have grown to serve a network of nearly half a million individuals impacted by type 2 diabetes. In 2022, Beyond Type 2 launched in French, German and Italian with support from Lilly. Visit the new Canadian website at: https://ca.beyondtype2.org/.

In addition to the multi-language websites, people living with type 2 diabetes can also find community through the Beyond Type 2 app, launched in partnership with the American Diabetes Association. The app provides a safe, private space for people with type 2 diabetes to connect with others in various forums, including monthly virtual meetups.

Beyond Type 2 operates as a platform of registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization Beyond Type 1, whose mission is to improve the lives of those impacted by diabetes. Beyond Type 1 offers content in nine languages.


Beyond Type 1 is a global nonprofit dedicated to the diabetes community. We serve the largest digital audience of any diabetes nonprofit, and our mission is to help people living with diabetes to stay alive and thrive. Through peer support programs, global campaigns and digital platforms, Beyond Type 1 is uniting the global diabetes community—across all types—helping to change what it means to live with chronic illness.

For further information: Kim Pace, Associate Director of Marketing Communications, Beyond Type 1, kim@beyondtype1.org


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