The question of "Why"

Drobo – Peace of Mind

Admittedly, I have been a long time Windows Home Server User but as my hardware comes close to its life cycle and a recent...

Why Can’t I just add a New hard drive to my Computer?

External storage enclosures, or adding a second or more hand drive to your desktop computer are a useful and increasingly popular way to expand digital storage; however it can be difficult to manage storage across multiple disks that may be both internal and external.

Why Backup my Computer or Phone?

is a rare occasion that a burglar would steal your family photo albums, but throwing your precious laptop into their bag of goodies, and in turn 19,500 of your fondest memories; your wedding, a tropical vacation, or the birth of your child; the video of his first steps; will be more devastating than the accident itself, a fire is even less forgiving.

Making the Move to a Mac?

Why did I buy a Macbook Pro?  Making the switch from a Widows 7 (Microsoft) based laptop to a Mac or more specifically a...

Type 1 vs Type 2 Diabetes

Your body gets energy by making glucose from foods we eat.  However, to use this glucose, your body needs insulin. Insulin is a hormone...