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Welcome to Shop Georgina, your on-line directory of what restaurants, stores, and services are open, operating, and ready for business during the social-distancing and isolation restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Let’s continue to show our support to our amazing local businesses. Here is a list of restaurants and other stores in Keswick, Sutton, Pefferlaw, and the surrounding Georgina (Ontario) area that are open and ready for your business. Many of these locations are available through DoorDash so check them out there as well.

Remember: Public health agencies are recommending we stay home as much as we can. However, I know myself, I need a change. Restaurants and stores are doing their part to attempt to keep us safe. It is everyone responsibility to shop with caution, wash our hands regularly, disinfect touched services, transfer your food to clean containers, and stop the spread of COVID-19. Stay safe everyone.

Did I miss someone? Want your business listed? Feel free to list your shop with the form at the bottom of the page. I will review the entries as quickly as possible (within 24 hours).

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Why did I make this page?

Hey Honestly, I am not sure what is open. It was as plain and simple as that. You drive through town and see the big chains, but what about the small places in plazas and nooks that we do not drive by regularly.

I wanted to eat something other than a home-cooked meal this past weekend to celebrate one of those events we call a birthday and was not sure where to go, where to look for what is open, or who to call besides what I have on my DoorDash app. When I finally tracked down a few locations through google or by randomly calling around, they were either closed for the night or closing shortly – it was leftover supermarket pizza for me, and a loss for our small business.

So maybe this little list will help my friends and neighbours? After all, this little website is just sitting there, so what is another page or two to help Georgina navigate Covid a little easier?

Add your business to our list

This page was created to help inform the great residents of Georgina what business and restaurants are open during the COVID-19 pandemic to serve the community.

Listing on the page is free while we go through this challenging time. Submit your business information below and we will add you to our list – I will review and approve your listing asap. For faster service, consider sending a donation to support the Georgina Food Bank and this website.

What to include in your listing? We recommend you include a description of your business (help new customers out), as well as your hours of business, location and services provided – call-in recommendation, pick-up, do you offer delivery? We reserve the right to edit all entries.

To make changes to a listing – feel free to contact me, or submit a new listing and I will update make the changes ASAP.

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DISCLAIMER: This is a free service offered to our residents and businesses. The situation is changing around town daily and businesses are responding accordingly. As much as I would like to ensure this information is 100% correct, I cannot be held responsible for missing businesses, incorrect or expired information.

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