Photo Challenge: Scale – Through A Winters Oasis


In response to this weeks Daily Post Photo Challenge – Scale, I wanted to find an image that represented my community.  Without the towering sky scrapers or majestic mountain views my automatic response was to reach for my macro lens.  Try as I may, I could not capture a single snowflake (not sure if it would even be possible) however, I wandered out on what turned out to be a rather cold day (-17 C with windchill -32 C).

Ice Fishing on Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

Each winter, hundreds,of cozy huts are dragged out onto the Lake Simcoe ice for a season of fishing. Sitting alone, or clustered in groups of a few dozen, avid fishermen enjoy the protection for the harsh wind and cold in their homes away from home. The scale of these ice hits over the vastness of the lakes frozen tundra can be staggering, particularly when you find yourself in the middle of a snow storm.

Here is a zoomed in picture of the hut in the middle of the image.


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