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Photo Challenge: What does Bliss Mean to Me?

Today’s assignment in my Photo 101: A picture a day project is BLISS, what does the word mean to me?

IMAGE: Sparks from a bon-fire (makingyouthink.ca)
ISO 1600, f 2.2, 1/15 sec, 50 mm

This was a tough one to consider – what captures my moment of bliss.  Is it that first sip of a Starbucks Latte, the smell of the fall air, or is it simply a moment in time that transcends all else.  For me, it is the later, and more that moment.  How we build our experiences to transform to that moment?  I had a chance to play around with shutter speed, how best do I capture the movement of the flame and the sparks.

The bliss in this photo is not only the moment my shutter closed, but more importantly the worlds around the fire, the darkness of night, the sounds of the fire.


  1. Your picture definitely captures the sense of a moment in time — love the sparks! I saw the first part of your post in the Reader and was afraid that you were going to choose the latte (which is what I did for one of my pictures). I thought “bliss” was a tough subject, although I guess there is a lot of room for different definitions of bliss. Glad I’m moving on to “solitude.”

    • Thanks Jessie — it was a nice relaxing, Blissful night. Well that is, after the little ones finally went to bed. I wish the fire was a little more cantered in the frame, however an off centred picture is always better then a missed picture.

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