I admit, I have had a Blog, or WebLog, for awhile now, yet, has it been time, passion, devotion, or a combination of all of the above, that I have not written as often as you had planned when you first envisioned your blog.  When the WordPress Blogging University was starting a new series if their Blogging101 classes this week, I thought, what a great time refresh my Blog with a new theme,  polish my Blogging skills, learn a few new tips and tricks and if nothing else, meet a few new and interesting people.

So Who am I?

My name is Mark and I live about an hour north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada near the shores of Lake Simcoe.  If you asked anyone that thinks they know me, family members include, what I do for a living, they would reply “something computer related”, which is a half-truth, the other half is that I am a urban planner.  Although around here I try to be a little more rounded in my attitude towards life and have labelled myself as a “A foodie in training, budding photographer, Starbucks addict, and a dad”.  On a darker side, and lurking deep into my soul, and a source for some of my Blogging stories is that I suffer from Crohn’s Disease and Type-2 Diabetes, so on occasion my blog helps me rant on a life taking medications, tests, and procedures. For a bit longer of a profile, check out my About Me page.

What will you expect and What I hope to Gain?

Crazy me has signed up for Blogging 101 and Writing 101 so lets see if I can keep on top of two assignments a day?  What do I hope to gain from these course, for starters, a better understanding of Blogging best practices?  How do we build readership? What interest people?  Am I actually Interesting?  More importantly, how will my commitment here improve other aspects of life.  Writing is a skill, and with all skills, with practice, will improve.  With some luck those reports at the office will flow that much easier.  So with that in mind, let me bid you are farewell while I go and explore what resources are available.

Humm … that raises a good question, “How long is a tyical Blog Post?”


  1. I really enjoyed that you brought up the “Hello World” aspect of computer programming. That is exactly what i thought of when reading the first assignment/challenge for Blogging 101! 🙂 As for your last question, I didn’t feel like this post was too long. Everything that you said had a purpose and there wasn’t much, if anything at all, that felt superfluous.

    • Thank you Audrey … Your words meant a lot. It is interesting, although we write for ourselves, we write as much for others. Glad to hear that my “inner geek” creeping out caught your interest.

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