Todays assignment for our Blogging 101 Course was to write an About Me page.  Who is Mark, what is he all about, and most importantly, why the heck is he writing?  Like most of us, we have a reason that motivate us to put fingers to keyboard and through our heart to our words.

Over time, this may evolve, but so does life.  What is important today, may seem irrelevant five years from now — a birth, a death, illness, all influence us in many ways and through that our words.

Commedor Vic-20
It is interesting what molds us (My first computer – Commedor Vic-20)

Passions – far and wide.

AMD Gaming Rig
Technology is still a big part of my life.

However, so is exploring the details of life on frame at a time.

We all have our demons (Crohn’s disease)

Brothers (2014)
And what motivates us.

Feel free to explore my About Me Page and let me know what you think.  Was I personal enough, did I hold back?  What questions did you have that I could answer?




  1. Hey Mark.

    What a great ‘About’ page. I, like you, have found the Reader a little addictive and a source of great procrastination. Having read many ‘Abouts’ since that task, I’ve realised that brevity is to be celebrated and a point of difference even moreso. I LOVE that you used pics to tell us about you. Especially touched by what motivates you. Your ‘Demons’ pic tempts me to write an entire post about demons, perhaps a task worth mulling over rather than jumping into. I also read your post about learning from others and am hopeful that if you have been conversing with Maggie in Sydney, then you’ll have some idea of where I am from; New Zealand.

    Keep posting and publishing, you’re making me think.

    • New Zealand is one of the most scenic places on earth .. So yes, absolutely know where to find you on a globe :-).

      Thank you for the visit and flattering comments about my site. Now that you have brought up my photos, I think I may relocate that section to the official about Me page, as you are right – it does tell a tale. Enjoy reader — as I know I certainly do and to be warned, it will be pointed towards your site.


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